b'The native American connection in HighburyI love Highbury, my neighbourhood and all thecultures living here. Iloveplants,growingthem,takingcareofthemandIalsoplantvegetablesthatlcaneat: from my balcony to my table.I am a Native American from North Argentina,andlamasingerandcoachlivingintheHighburyQuadrantEstate.lhaveabalconywhere l grow tomatoes, different varieties ofpumpkins, potatoes and peppers.Did you know that all these vegetables comefrom South America? And you can grow themallinyourgardenorbalconyandpreparesalads in summer or nice soups in winter.In the fall, my grandmother and mother in SanPedrodeJujuy,wherelwasborn,usedtocook my favourite meal: carbonada de zapallo. 11'