b'Contents Turkish red lentil soup recipe (Mercimekorbas).pages 3+4Artwork from young people at Global Generation .pages 5-10Malawah recipe.page 7The native American connection in Highbury.pages 11-14Caf of Dreams.pages 15+16Vegetable Sauce recipe.pages 17+18Bread that bondspages 19+20Untitled food story (CW: reference to abuse, EDs and fatphobia).pages 21+22Artwork from members of Hilldrop Community Centrepages 23+24Shakshuka recipepages 25+26Easy flatbread recipepage 27No-bake cookies recipepage 28For the recipes, you can find the following symbolsfor dietary requirements:N = Nuts Gf= Gluten Free Vg = veganV = Vegetarian VgO = Vegan OptionAll recipes are, or can be made halal'