b"Instructions1. Heat the olive oil in a large pot. Once the oil is hot,addthedicedonionandfryuntilgoldenonmediumheat.2.Addthedicedcarrotanddicedpotatotothepot.Fry for 4 minutes, stirring occasionally.3. Add the garlic and stir for 30 seconds.4. Add the tomato paste, cumin, salt, paprika, oregano,black pepper, and cayenne. Stir for 3 minutes and thendeglaze the bottom of the pot with a small amount ofthe vegetable stock.5. Add the remaining stock and lentils. Stir and bring toaboil.Reducetheheatandletitsimmerfor30minutes,stirringeverysooften.Ifthesoupgetstoothick, add a cup of water.6.Removethesoupfromtheheatandstirinthechoppedmint.Useahandblendertoblendthesoupuntilit'screamyandalltheingredientsareincorporated.7. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the soup onceyou have plated up.by Robin Campbell 4"