b'Method1)Sliceonions,peelandchopgarlic and set aside2)Washthemushrooms,chopand set aside3) Heat oil gently/low heat in apotorpancookonionsfor5minutesuntilsoftorcaramelised4) Add garlic, paprika, carrots,cook for 1 -2 minutes5) Add mushrooms, courgettes, mixed peppers, addseasoning, mixed herbs/vegetable stock cook for 6-7minutes, add coconut milk cook for 2-3 mins6) Stir occasionally, when sauce is thickening addchopped coriander. Turn off the heat.7) Taste it and add own ingredients of choice8) Top with coriander and serve. You can add your ownsalad on side.Use ready-made cooked rice, couscous, naan bread,pitta bread or any bread of your choice.see page 27 for an easy flatbread recipe Any leftover can go in the freezer.Regina Boakye-Yiadom 18'