b'however, I had fell in love with pasta, which hadan anti-depressant effect and put an end to mybulimia. I remained overweight to a point wherethe bullying became intolerable. However, when Ilostastoneandahalfaged11bystarvingmyself, it did nothing to improve the quality ofmy life. So I decided at that point to eat what Iwant, when I want. I associate falafel with Islington, and kebabs, Imnot sure why. Now,myfavouritemealsare:veganfishwithchillisauce,ThainoodleswithBirdseyechillies,orbreadedmushroomswithpastaandCampbellsmushroomsoupasasauce,spicygherkins,vegansausagerolls,andveganmeatpieswithItaliansalad.IloveveganIndianfoodas well. Strong flavours and textures. My favourite snack is a potato bread scone withplant based garlic and herb cheese, king prawns,and the obligatory chilli sauce. I am still disabled and overweight, but I droppedtwo dress sizes after discovering CBD, which hasdramatically improved my mobility. by Rona Topaz22'