b"IntroductionIslington is one of the smallestLondonboroughs,butourneighbourhoodsarepackedwithtastes,smellsandcookingtraditionsfromallover the world. TheIslingtonFoodPartnershiphasputtogetherthiscollection to celebrate Islington's diverse cultures andexplore the ways that food shapes who we are and theplaces we live. Insideyouwillfindrecipes,storiesandartworkfromlocal cooks, growers, activists and food-lovers.With a very special thank you to: Geraldine Brennan Rona TopazMarcia HarrisRobin CampbellRafael Montero Agnieszka WcisloRegina Boakye-Yiadom Jamica, Dayl, Rebecca, Hiyabel and the youngpeople at Global Generation's Friday Night Outcooking programmeMembers of Hilldrop Community CentreThe families at St Luke's cooking class"