b'Content warning: references to abuse, EDs and fatphobiaMyparentsneglectedandabusedme,andmyfirstyearswerespentmalnourished.Breakfastwasvitamins,lunchwaswhenmymotherrememberedtofeedme.Dinnerwasthesamefood 6 nights a week, with a slight variation onSundays. A different type of meat (always meat,never fish or chicken, until much later on) tinned,tasteless veg, and rice. Idevelopedbulimiaatage6whenIstartedgetting bullied at school to add to the abuse athome,bingeeatingandvomitingupto7timesdaily. At age 7 I weighed two stone, and missedtwo thirds of the school year through illness.At age 8, I registered myself with a GP surgery afewblocksawayfromus,whoimmediatelysuggestedadietplanandbroughtinsocialservices.SadlyIwasnottakenintocare,butbeingmobilitychallenged,alongwiththenewdiet, meant that I gained two stones rapidly.Suddenly I was too fat, and underwent a seriesofinterventionstogetmetoloseweight.Atthat point my relationship with food was sealed21'